Floating Beach Chair

"The beach has never been so much fun !"

Sorry we are currently out of bizz.

Try them out, you will love them: our chairs offer more than any other products on the market. We will show you now why.

  • The Tiralo is comfortable. Pretty important for the beach.
  • The Tiralo is stable and will go everywhere because it is pulled, not pushed.
  • The Tiralo goes in the water, it is even designed to float with you.

Really, really comfortable.

"With its comfortable reclined seating, its revolutionary new Floatrests™, its stylish design and its floating capability, the Tiralo® redefines the concept of beach leisure.

Wide wheelbase and low center of gravity improve stability and make it safer to roll on difficult trails and beaches. Ingenious footrest permits feet to drop onto the sand or into the water. Low seat makes it possible to sit down on the sand with minimum effort. Reclined seating allows for hours of playing or comfortable sunbathing on the beach.

Floating design makes it possible to stay in deep water (ocean, lake, pool) in a safe, stable and comfortable position - playing , swimming, or just relaxing."

 All this comes with your TIRALO®:
  • Luxurious lounge chair comfort.

  • Buoyant Dunemer™ wheels and Floatrests™.

  • Pull-to-go proven design with low-pressure Dunemer™ wheels.

  • Flip-up and removable quick-release Floatrests™ with grips.

  • Folding frame, quick-release wheels and pull-bar.

  • Maintenance free.

We guarantee your satisfaction


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